If your motion capture system is in need of repair, we can help.

From time to time, even the most reliable systems we provide need maintenance and repair. All Synertial motion capture systems are provided with a minimum of 12 months support and hardware maintenance. After this period, our motion capture systems can be serviced and repaired by our skilled UK engineers as needed. 


Has your system been unused for some time and needs a refresh before use in a new project? 

Ask us about our mocap suit refresh service that includes renewing your lycra suit and re-calibrating all sensors.


For customers who already own a Synertial motion capture system, our engineers are available to support your capture session.
Whether you need an extra pair of hands so you can focus on the creative delivery, or you just want to be 100% confident that you’re going to capture great data, our engineers are available to help you. We can provide onsite support to make sure your capture session is a success. Our engineers are also available to provide additional onsite training sessions should you need a refresher course on the use of your motion capture suit.

Feel free to contact us below or chat with us via the chat box on the bottom right of the page.