7, 13 or 16 sensors

Each glove includes a choice of 7 sensors, 13 sensors or 16 sensors.



7, 13 or 16 Sensors

  • Stand-alone, bundled with a suit, or multiple pairs for use with optical rigs
  • Self-calibrating sensors to adapt to magnetic environments
  • User-configured kinematic structures
  • Instant calibration (configurable calibration poses)
  • Replace batteries and continue capturing where you left off without SW restart or recalibration in MoBu, Unity, etc.
  • Occlusion free
  • Extremely accurate clock in the sync system for Optical rig integration (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack)
  • RealTime in Motionbuilder, Unity, Unreal, and Siemens Jack
  • Free user-friendly SDK and samples included with MoCap SW
  • Detachable electronics; change sizes in minutes
  • Short and long-fingered glove cloth types available



7-Sensor Gloves:  (Yellow from the above image) Our 7-sensor gloves use interpolation to approximate the untracked finger joints on all but 6 phalanges, which use IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors; the 7th sensor is for the palm. The 7-sensor gloves are the state of the art in axis-scaling technology, which is proprietary to Synertial.  The reason no one has succeeded in providing a usable 7-sensor glove, is that no one has been able to scale individual axis of a sensor before (they can only scale the whole sensors or nothing).  Our gloves not only interpolate each axis independently, but they also allow the user to modify its rate for a perfect fit (not hard-coded).

13-Sensor Gloves: (Yellow and Green from the above image) Our 13-sensor gloves only leave the finger tips (distal phalanges) for interpolation.  The 13-Sensor glove is an all-arounder, satisfying most applications, except for when the application of force to the fingertips disrupts natural interpolation values, as tendons are forced backward.

16-Sensor Gloves:  (Yellow, Green and Orange from the above image) All pure data except for the pinky fingertip.

Optional Lower Arm and Upper Arm Sensors: (In Blue in the above Image) As many glove applications require arm data.



What is Unique?

  • Change glove sizes in minutes, thanks to detachable electronics
  • Ambidextrous glove electronics, usable for left or right-handed gloves
  • New pinky and ring metacarpal sensors (Palm Flex)
  • First ever Hollywood production-grade sync system
  • Patent-pending finger-sized measurement system
  • Patent-pending Calibration Mittens
  • Umbrella editing of all takes with skeleton-modification
  • Minimize down-time through user-friendly sensor HW replacement methods
  • User controlled scaling of sensor-data per each axis
  • Calibration poses can be custom-made using Synertial's SynDash
  • Naked fingertips even for 16-sensor systems


12 vs 15 cobra glove comparison 

BVH file for 12 sensor glove
BVH file for 15 sensor glove


7 vs 12 cobra glove comparison 

BVH file for 7 sensor glove
BVH file for 12 sensor glove


15 sensor glove applied to a 3d character mesh in Unity

BVH file for 15 sensor glove

Revolutionary Palm Flex Sensors

Our 13 and 16-sensor motion capture gloves now include an additional palm-flex sensor for greater positional accuracy of base and tips of fingers. No other motion capture gloves provide such a thorough measurement of palm-flex.

Better palm-flex measurements are one of many ways Synertial's IGS gloves outperform any existing mocap gloves, 





Neutral, Palm fanning-up, and Palm caving-in

Perfect Sync with Optical Rigs

Synertial's best-in-class finger capture solutions were designed specifically for Vicon's Blade and Optitrack's Motive software in mind:

  • Occlusion-free finger capture: Fingers are almost always occluded during multi-person optical takes; Our Optinertial mocap gloves provide pre-solved hand and finger data that is perfectly synchronized with the optical data.

  • Glove Combinations: Intermix pairs of  7, 13, and 16-sensor gloves as needed

  • KINEXACT HAND: Use Kinexact-Hand software for exact performer hand-skeleton measurements

  • Instant Calibration: Synertial's Calibration Mittens place hands into the optimum posture during instant calibration 

  • 4 Pairs on 1 PC: Manage up to four pairs of gloves per PC

  • Device Driver: All glove pairs controlled by a single device driver in MoBu

  • Sync Software: Separate sync HW powered by processing hub (no additional sync power needed)

  • Jam-Sync: Low-drift sync HW (jam-sync once or twice per session)

  • From Inside Blade or Motive: Start and stop glove takes triggered from inside Blade or Motive

  • Frame Time-Stamps: Precise frame time-stamps down to 1/100 of a sec and up 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)

  • Automatic Naming of Takes: Glove-takes automatically share the same name with the corresponding optical names)

  • Hot-Swappable Batteries: Change batteries without needing to restart or recalibrate

Synertial's Calibration Pipeline (Patent Pending)

  • Key components for exacting IMU system calibration:
    • Measurement: Correct measurement of finger bone length, almost impossible to determine manually, and
    • Structure: Exact matching of the geometric structure of an actor's skeleton to the geometric structure pre-configured in the matching calibration file, at the instance of initialization.






Phalanx Length Measurement

Synertial has a tool to provide automated length measurement of phalanges: KINEXACT-HAND. Kinexact uses a hand scan to output a MoBu or a Synertial-based format skeleton file with correct joint positions and angles.







User and Calibration File Matching at Initialization

The second key component to precise calibration is to hold the user's segments in the same pose as the pre-configured calibration file for the initialization process.

In theory, once the two are identical (in addition to accurate phalanx lengths), the streaming process can begin accurately.

This matching of the two poses consistently is practically impossible without a mechanism to hold the user's finger-skeleton in such a pose.  Hence Synertial has developed calibration jigs, Synertial's Patent-Pending Calibration Mitten, which forces the user's hands to match a pre-configured template.

In addition to the Synertial's Calibration Mitten locking in the required hand-pose locally, the actor uses the spirit levels on the Mitten to orient the hands globally in reference to gravity, to provide sub-degree accuracy in initialization.

These tools help professionals count on repeatable and precise calibrations, taking the guess-work out of successful initialization processes.










What The Competition Does Not Understand

  • Initialization is the Key to Accuracy; other systems will not be able to duplicate initialization in a repeatable and accurate way.
  • Everybody's finger sizes and skeleton structure is different; the competition's kinematics are hard-coded and do not account for the differences in size and structure.
  • Sensors cannot be displaced from the skin after initialization.
  • Sensors need to be as far away from the knuckles as possible.
  • Gloves cannot be loose, but tight gloves cut off circulation.
  • Accurate finger capture without naked fingers is highly impractical.
  • Without palm flex sensors, across-the-board finger capture accuracy is next to impossible.
  • Calbiration poses need to be custom-made.


Kinematics Guide


Skeleton Extraction


Hand Extraction


How to Wear the Cobra Gloves


Change of Cloth






  • Extra circuitry (own socket) dedicated to syncing with other MoCap HW
  • 500 FPS on lower number of sensors; Standard 240 or 120 FPS on up to 55 sensors 
  • Start-up in under 6 Seconds
  • AA Batteries (x4) or wall adapter
  • Separate sync HW up to 1000 FPS (Standard 29.97 FPS), drawing power from main hub
  • Access-point agnostic WIFI; buy off-the-shelf router and configure as per your needs
  • UDP data packets allow multiple PCs tapping into the same access point
  • 12.8cm x 7.8cm x 2cm with locking connectors
  • Removabe Ethernet socket for WiFi-cluttered environments


  • IMUs only (Inertial Measurement Units) : 9-axes, gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers
  • On-board processing on each sensor; yet the smallest sensors in the market 
  • Internal update rate: 500Hz
  • Gyro range: 2000 degrees/sec
  • Accelerometer range: 16Gs
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 10mm x 2mm


  • bvh and fbx Output Formats
  • Real Time Plugins:
    • Siemens Jack and PSH
    • Motionbuilder
    • Unity
    • Unreal


  • Electronics not attached to glove-cloth / change sizes or replace after washing in minutes 
  • Types: Short fingered and long fingered glove-cloths in SS, S, M, and L sizes 
  • Finger-less gloves for taping sensors and wiring directly onto fingers 
  • Velcro-backed glove-cloth for passive marker attachment
  • Easy-to-use mini-straps for each phalanx


  • Replace batteries and continue capturing where you left off and continue without SW restart or recalibration in MoBu, Unity, etc.
  • Individual sensor connectors for easy diagnostics and replacement of faulty sensor chains
  • 1,000,000-turn rated Teflon flex wiring practically eliminates all cable wear & tear
  • Customized spare parts packages available


  • Glove electronics
  • Wireless processing hub 
  • Cable harness
  • Glove cloth (select 2 out of 4 sizes)
  • WiFi router and cables
  • Basic capture software
  • Diagnostic software
  • Battery housing, rechargable batteries (x 2 sets) and charger
  • PelicanTM case