Making inertial motion capture better

All Suits and Gloves offer

  • Native support for MotionBuilder, Unity, Unreal and Siemens Jack
  • Integration with Optical Rigs (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack, PhaseSpace)
  • Unsurpassed Magnetic Immunity (UMI)
  • Bespoke fittings
  • Automatic Sensor Calibration
  • Run up to 8 different different sets of gloves and suits at the same time


Powerful Software

Version 14 of Synertial’s software suite (SynDash, Kineaxct) provide advanced tools that:

  • Enable real-time rendering and data overview
  • Run diagnostics
  • Capture RAW data
  • Load BVH formats
  • Manage skeletons
  • Accurately record reach and stride
  • Additionally, Synertial offers a host of Plug-ins for Unity, MotionBuilder, Unreal, and the Siemens Jack system.

The Siemens Jack plugin was developed by ergonomists responsible for building Skoda's ergonomics lab, and is currently in use at Ford, VW, Daimler, Toyota, and numerous companies outside the automotive industry.

We are proud to be the only motion capture hardware producer offering native integration with Siemens Jack.


The best finger capture solution available in the market

Accurate recording of palm-flex and individual fingers offer the most accurate capture of thumb and finger touching.

Synertial gloves integrate directly with Synertial suits, or they can be used with other inertial or optical systems seamlessly, or separately, thus providing occlusion-free finger capture.



Absolute Tracking

Synertial’s glove systems include wrist position tracking for the most accurate hand and finger motion capture the market.

It offers:

  • Seamless integration with other inertial or Optical systems (Optinertial) like Vicon and OptiTrack
  • Occlusion-free finger data that needs no additional post production cleaning.

Precision and Accuracy

Get the most accurate and repeatable data capture with Synertial. Our proprietary software calculates the body's skeletal and finger measurements that deliver the most accurate skeleton.

Smaller, lighter and faster IMUs

Synertial’s standard suits ship with 22-sensors -- not 17 (like the competition). They can be configured with up to 56 sensors (wired or wireless) and provide for superior attachment and the greatest accuracy and comfort.