Université du Québec à Montréal


Université du Québec à Montréal

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date/Duration of the Project: Began late 2011 and still continues


Client Needs
Monitor Parkinson’s Disease patients before administering untested drugs during controlled periods after said administration to rate drug efficacy, and to do the same during regimented and free will actions, during various intervals. The data had to be in raw format as well as referenced to a kinematic model so that their own fusion algorithms could be used to see the reaction of final result.


The successful product would have been from a very flexible company that could provide a huge amount of support since most of the variables in the project were still undetermined (while the contract for the solution HW&SW needed to be awarded before terms of the project were finalized). Also the product HW, GUI & SDK had to be able to be customized when and if UQAM needed special features that were not already there. Finally, Synertial was generally coming from an animation background and had not applied the features in its GUI to biomechanics so there was a mountain of reference material to sift through to create automated translators and converters of co-ordinate system from the biomechanics community.


To award the contract to Synertial, with an all encompassing hand in the subsequent development cycles and their planning, a long term support program and a slew of on-site visits from the Synertial team to personally see what the challenges in the field looked like and to plan the development cycles

Equipment Used

  • IGS-180-i  x 5 sets and spare parts


Team Members

  • Mark Lewis, Akouvi Ahoumi - Communications
  • Anton Stroots and the whole Inertial Labs team Hardware
  • Oli Winks - GUI
  • Ashley Keeler and Ali Kord - Support

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