Skoda Auto


Skoda Auto

Location: Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Date/Duration of the Project: Began late 2012 and still continues


Client needs
Bring full body and finger motion capture into their Siemens Jack and PSH environment so they can:

  1. Reduce the time it took to animate the motions of the Jack figures performing various required tasks (while adding realism to the animated motions at the same time)
  2. Save money and increase the accuracy of the animation by not having to make costly replicas of the assembly environment inside the labs, and instead take the performer with the motion capture system directly to the assembly floor (and again, add realism to the animated motions at the same time)



  • Fear, uncertainty, and doubt about introducing new technology in the plant
  • Team did not want to become mo-cap experts -- they just wanted to work with the data
  • Magnetic disturbance compensation was new and untested
  • Mitigate downtime from integration of two systems-- suits from Synertial and Gloves from CyberGlove


Use a single stream of data for both the full body suit and the gloves, by switching from CyberGlove to Synertial for the gloves

After the first few days of the introduction of the system, when the ease of calibration of IMU-based inertial systems became evident (even though the IGS-Gloves and IGS-180-i were still 2 separate data streams, they were compatible and easy on PC processing and were initialized and calibrated using the same function calls. It wasn’t till mid 2014 before they were incorporated into the same processing system and became one data stream)


Equipment Used

  • IGS-180-i
  • IGS-Glove
  • 12-Sensor, Pair, Wireless (and wired included)
  • Jack and PSH driver
  • IGS-Bio SW
  • IGS-Jack SW
  • MyGlove SW
  • Magnetic Disturbance Compensation SW. And spare parts pack.


Team members
Synertial’s sales support team. Synertial’s founder, Ali Kord, and the team from Inertial Labs in development of integrating the first ever IMU-based gloves into the IGS-180-i



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