Raytheon Immersive Design Center


Raytheon Immersive Design Center

Location: Both centers in Andover, MA & Tucsan, AZ

Date/Duration of the Project: Began late 2014 and are ongoing


Clients Needs
Bring Full Body & Finger motion capture capabilities to their centers (who already had optical mo-cap setups installed and regularly used) that were compatible with the Siemens Jack & PSH PLM SW as well as work inside their state of the art Mechdyne CAVE2.



  • Wireless networking systems were forbidden in “super-secure” working areas of the Immersive design Centers
  • Magnetic interference due to the amount of ferrous metal and equipment at work in any one time, specially during real-time use of any mo-cap system. 
  • The IDC crew were not in the mood to become mo-cap operators since they had their hands full, so the new system had to be easy to operate in a space packed with encrypted radio signals and ferrous metal agents. 



Full body and finger mo-cap systems, using full magnetic disturbance compensation software, with AutoCal semi-automated skeleton parameter extraction system for accurate ergonomics analysis, and spare parts and long term support systems (spare parts and direct line to technician and SW developers) to reduce the chance of use interruptions due to either HW failure or IDC team members forgetting how the sequence of startup might be after a prolonged period of dis-use of the equipment. There is a virtual presence system installed between the 2 centers, 3000 miles apart that help combine their team members which help reduce their need for Synertial support. But we are there, on call.

Equipment Used

  • IGS-Glove 12-Sensor, Pair, Wireless
  • IGS-270
  • IGS-180-i
  • Spare parts
  • Siemens Jack & PSH plugins
  • MotionBuilder plugin
  • AutoCal skeleton extraction system SW & HW
  • IGS-Jack SW
  • IGS-Bio SW
  • MyGlove SW

All of that x 2, one for each center


Team Members
Synertial’s head of sales at a sales level. Synertial’s support staff for Networking support and Synertial’s founder.



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