Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company, Ergonomics Laboratory, Vehicle Operations

Location: Dearborn, Michigan

Date/Duration of the Project: Began late 2013 and still continues


Client needs
Bring finger action into their Siemens Jack and PSH environment in order to extend the reach of their ergonomics exploration of various assembly and production methods to the distal and finger level. For example, they wanted to study how to reach under the steering wheel assembly or reach inside door assemblies to see how the fingers can handle tools and/or still perform assemblies.


The resident mocap system in the lab was a Motion Analysis system that although working fine for body inside jack and PSH, was unable to bring any light to finger action, and the CyberGlove Systems data glove was difficult to calibrate. The lab was hoping for a better solution.


The Solution
“Disembodied hands.” A pair of the 12-sensor model IGS-Gloves were cast in the Jack scene, interacting inside the virtual product during the assembly process and the finger action was accurately transmitted in real time, without the arms.


Equipment Used

  • IGS-Glove
  • 12-Sensor
  • Pair
  • Wireless (and wired included)
  • Jack and PSH driver
  • IGS-Bio SW
  • IGS-Jack SW
  • MyGlove SW
  • Magnetic Disturbance Compensation SW.


The team
Synertial’s sales consultant led the conversation with the lab at a sales level. 

Synertial’s founder, Ali Kord, was involved thereafter at a technical level working with Ergonomics Lab’s Marty Smets to demonstrate the system’s ability to provide a working solution. 

Dr. Peter Skorik (Synertial Digital Factory) and Dr. Tudor Pascu (Synertial’s no ex-head of SW dev.) continued working with the lab to settle the Glove SW into the lab’s existing pipelines while Synertial’s head of U.S. support helped work the Glove’s network requirements into Ford’s highly secured network.


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