Daimler Benz


Daimler Benz (Auto Engine Manufacturing & Design)

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Date/Duration of the Project: Late 2014


Client Needs
Bring finger action into their Siemens Jack and PSH environment so they can analyze the fatigue and difficulty involved in assembling the engine assemblies. This analysis will help determine if these assembly processes could be optimized before approval.


If the candidate glove was able to separate the motions performed by each finger into its individual phalanges to provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the tasks involved in engine assembly and that if the work involved in the assembly could be fully captured with the 12 sensor gloves, or was there the need for the distal phalanges to be captured using their own sensors (15-sensor glove) instead of the interpolation that is used in the 12-sensor gloves.

Perform a shoot-out comparisons between the IGS-Glove and CyberGlove performing the same tasks.


The 15-sensor glove was the solution, since when the 12-sensor was used, the distal phalanges were seemingly looking like the captured data as long as there was small (or none at all) amounts of force applied against the fingers tips. Once there was a considerable amount of force applied to the index finger tip, the tip would bend against the direction of a relaxed joint (interpolation settings) and the streamed data looked to go in reverse of the real action. So interpolation setting with distinct parameters were set for the capture ( as a function of the degrees, which the previous joint had bent).


Equipment Used

  • IGS-Glove
  • 12-Sensor was demonstrated onsite
  • Delivered, IGS-Glove, 15-Sensor, Pair, Wireless (and wired included), Jack and PSH driver, IGS-Bio SW, IGS-Jack SW, MyGlove SW, Magnetic Disturbance Compensation SW.


Team Members
Frank Gross of EST (sales), Peter Skorik (Synertial Digital Factory), and Olaf Aberg (of Siemens PLM)  worked with the Daimler team to help arrange the shoot-out between IGS-Gloves and the CyberGloves. Synertial’s founder directed the demo at the Stuttgart floor.

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