Capcom Co. Ltd (K.K.), Global R&D


Capcom Co. Ltd (K.K.), Global R&D
Osaka, Japan

Date/Duration of the Project: Began early 2014 and still active


Client Needs
Bring finger action into their motion capture studio processes for their own game development projects as well as their sub-contractors. They already used a CyberGlove data glove but were only partially satisfied with the results. Now it was time to see what IGS-Gloves could offer.


CAPCOM R&D is a cutting-edge studio always on the lookout for the best tools. They were curious to see if the IGS-Glove offered any advantages over what they already had. The challenge was to demo to CAPCOM’s crew, from the other side of the world, using Skype, that they could add to their lab’s functionality by getting and IGS-Glove.


The solution
To get Synertial’s founder into the demo, who spoke a bit of Japanese but knew everything about the IGS-Glove, and Matthew Walker, CAPCOM’s Production Coordinator who spoke plenty of Japanese, on Skype, to see how the IGS-Glove worked and then to capture some motions as dictated by them which were subsequently saved in bvh and sent to them to analyse. They decided for their level of sync accuracy, all they needed was the MotionBuilder plugin and the IGS-Glove data stream was going to be synchronized with their body capture streams within Mobu.


Equipment and software used

  • IGS-Glove
  • 12-Sensor
  • Pair
  • Wireless
  • MotionBuilder Plugin
  • MyGlove SW
  • Magnetic Disturbance Compensation SW


Team members

The Spice Japan team members and Ali Kord from Synertial

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