Future of motion capture

Our founders and team have been setting the standard for over two decades

From the electromechanical systems that introduced the world to occlusion free, camera-less motion capture to being the pioneers in the use of micro IMU’s in the world’s first IMU based hand and finger tracking systems, Synertial’s R&D teams continue to develop new and innovative products that are shaping the future of motion capture technology.

50+ Countries

With systems deployed in over 50 countries and distributors across every continent, purchasing a Synertial system has never been easier; Synertial’s Head office is located in Brighton, UK with satellite offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Berkeley, California, and Los Angeles, California.

We recently opened offices in the US to provide sales and support to our growing North American customer base.

The Art & Science of Inertial Mocap

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Accuracy or resolution in sensors is a relatively easy part of the skill-set & process of inertial motion capture, and all manufacturers offer relatively similar specs. The trick is to get practical accuracy from an inertial system, which is where the art of Mocap plays its part.