Inertial Motion Capture


Bringing characters to life for two decades

For over 20 years Synertial has been making motion capture cheaper, faster, and more accurate. With the latest release of our 4th generation hardware and 14th generation software, our system is now better than ever.
Synertial started developing inertial motion capture in 1998, and in 2004 we began shipping commercially available systems. Today we combine the most advanced IMU sensors with the latest in mini-PC technology that delivers affordable suits and gloves.

Our solutions are unmatched by the competition, including but not limited to:

  • Seamless Optinertial synchronization with optical capture systems
  • Hybrid Laser-tracking
  • Magnetic Immunity
  • Unmatched Kinematics
  • Powerful new suite of software (including Synertial’s Kinexact)
  • Superior and proprietary new family of IMUs

Combined, these systems offer unparalleled tracking and expandability, resulting in the best motion capture solutions available in the market today.


Synertial makes the World’s most accurate inertial motion capture suits, enabling any motion capture needs. Synertial’s Optinertial option provides perfect synchronization with optical capture systems such as Vicon, Optitrack, Motion Analysis. Synertial Hybrid Laser synchronizations add positional accuracy unmatched by any other inertial system on the market.


Kings of Kinematics

Our proprietary and patented technology uses a depth sensor camera or a scanned photograph of the actor to generate a kinematic structure that matches the actor’s skeleton. This means that the bone lengths and proportions of the visual skeleton in our Animate software will be exactly the same as the real life skeleton.  

Using Kinexact Body software and a depth sensor camera a kinematic structure can be generated that matches the body skeleton of the actor. Once Kinexact has measured the body from a series of simple poses, you those measurements can be applied to the skeleton in our Animate software. A skeleton in our Animate software that has the same proportions

as the actor wearing the suit will provide the highest level of accuracy in all motion capture data.

Kinexact software easily derives a participant's skeletal and finger measurements, thus providing the most accurate and repeatable capture data. No other inertial system calculates a participant’s skeleton so exactly. There is no doubt that Synertial is the King of Kinematics.





Synertial makes the World’s most accurate inertial motion capture gloves. Capture high quality hand-motion capture quickly and easily. Record fingers moving towards or apart from each other (adduction abduction), measure and record palm-flex, as well as provide excellent thumb-finger touching. It integrates directly with a suit or separately. Record up to 8 pairs of hands at once. No one else can claim that!



Closer to perfect every day

Developed under the direction of some of the most respected engineers in the marketplace, Synertial’s systems now provide seamless integration with other inertial and optical systems – we call this the Optinertial.
The Synertial Optinertial systems provide perfect synchronization with optical capture systems such as Vicon, Optitrack, Motion Analysis, and other major vendors.

Our Optinertial systems allow our users to:





Our sophisticated software and plugins are quick, intuitive and easy to use. Hop into a suit and bring your 3D characters to life in a matter of moments! For more information, please check out our software products below.