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Animazoo are proud to reveal that the European car manufacturer Skoda, part of the Volkswagen Group, has selected the Animazoo IGS-180i Motion Capture System and IGS-JACK Driver after a thorough evaluation of the motion capture market.

During the evaluation, Skoda’s Digital Factory team made two requests:

1) The system had to allow capture of actual workers on the assembly line where magnetic disturbances existed, as well as in the lab environment

2) To be selected, the system had to stream real-time movement into Siemens JACK

The combination of Animazoo’s IGS-JACK driver and the flexibility provided by the IGS-180i Motion Capture system addressed all of Skoda’s requirements.

“We chose to work with Animazoo, because it is impossible to create all the animations necessary for ergonomic simulation without motion capture. Animazoo worked with us and provided the latest inertial mocap technology and superb customer service.”

The health and safety of workers is a major concern for all manufacturers and protecting workers from injury through ergonomic assessment of their workplace is now required by legislation. Animazoo expect to announce further key partnerships in the field of industrial ergonomics and biomechanics in coming months.

“Animazoo were able to work with us to provide a motion capture system that can be used to capture actual workers on the production line, not just training simulations in the lab.”

“Streaming real-time movement data into JACK saves Skoda time and money as we no longer require specialists to create JACK animations.” – SKODA project lead, Peter Skorik.