- Pioneers of Inertial Motion Capture for more than 20 years.

Formerly known as Animazoo, Synertial has been setting industry firsts for 20 years. The award winning Gypsy 7 range of electromechanical systems introduced the world to portable, occlusion free, camera-less motion capture in the early 90′s. Synertial has pioneered the use of micro IMU’s in motion capture and in 2013 launched the IGS Glove – the world’s first IMU based hand and finger tracking system.


IGS Suits

IGS Gloves

Suit & Glove Bundles



Start with our powerful IGS-Cobra Suit System which has 15 sensors and comes with all the necessary robust real-time streaming and capture software to produce fast, accurate motion data.


The IGS-Glove starts off as a platform with real-time streaming and capture features. This is a wired model which comes with software that includes phalanges kinematic sizing & saving, UDP LAN broadcasting features, and UDP SDK.


Our pre-selected bundles reflect a significant discount from the individually priced items!


Synertial provides a variety of services to suit every client’s need.

Applications and Market

Sports & Movement Science


Digital Factory & Industrial

Defence & Aerospace


Synertial IGS motion capture systems are light weight, fully portable and will not restrict your subject’s movement, allowing you to take your capture session out of the lab and into everyday environments.


Widely used in the world of animation, our mocap systems save time and money over animating from scratch. Nuance rich production quality data results in both realistic slow and fast character movement for pre-visualization projects or final feature animations.


New magnetic compensation algorithms in our operating software allows motion capture to take place in industrial or metallic environments, giving Synertial inertial motion capture suits a distinct advantage over optical systems in manufacturing and health and safety applications.


Our motion tracking systems enable you to recreate lifelike experiences reducing overall costs, provides immediate feedback to merit design changes without build, and proves an invaluable tool for teaching and educating.